Opportunities and Possibilities -Oracle Hyperion Planning

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Oracle Hyperion Planning is dexterous planning solution that bolsters up enterprise wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting using desktop, mobile and Microsoft Office interfaces. It provides a powerful modeling framework that helps develop reliable financial foretell based on sales and operational presumption to produce cost effective enterprise alignment.

Hyperion Planning (HP) is an application that perch on peak of the Essbase OLAP server and is used by organizations to perform forethought for their budgeting. This tool can be used in measuring Standard dimensions such as year, entity, scenario and customized dimensions such as geography, product can be added, with an Essbase cube being built using these into which you add financial budget and planning data.

Oracle’s Hyperion Planning – Shortens Planning Cycles and Improves Business Predictability

  • Effective workflow and process management
  • Instinctive Interface
  • Powerful data integration
  • Leverages Essbase – powerful reporting and analysis
  • Extensible web infrastructure
  • Special-purpose planning modules for fast deployment

Key Benefits of Oracle’s Hyperion Planning

  • Simple implementation and lower down maintenance requirements with inbuilt functionality
  • Address all workforce planning requirements with a fully pliable and open architecture
  • Attain greater accuracy, predictability, and accountability
  • Assess real-time influence on salaries and corresponding workforce expenses
  • It excludes trail between when plans are updated and reports are refreshed
  • Lay the foundation for making the transition to Enterprise Business Planning
  • Multi-dimensional / Multi user planning with a robust business rules engine
  • Inclusive of Microsoft Office integration
  • Simple to use Web interface
  • Impeccable creation of reports and dashboards
  • Proven and scalable architecture
  • Powerful integration with ERP systems and other sources
  • Full set of administrative tools for application management
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