Managed Support Services

Managed Services

Astral Tech Managed Services ensures that you get maximum value out of Oracle Hyperion EPM and BI Applications. With AstralTech Managed Services, you can maximize the value of your IT organization by letting your staff focus on high-value activities while AstralTech Oracle Hyperion experts maintain your Oracle Hyperion software and Services. Astral Tech Managed Services delivers the following core services designed specifically for Oracle Hyperion:

  • Software management – Uses a closed loop process with Oracle experts to solve customer problems quickly, along with root cause analysis to avoid problems altogether.
  • Security management – Manages the security tools, processes, and precautions that protect the privacy and security of customer data and solutions.
  • Service level management – Provides a service-desk escalation process, meets service levels, and then measures and reports results directly to customers.
  • IT governance – Provides a practice director to work closely with customers, resolve problems, plan and execute changes, and keep customer IT solutions aligned with the business.
Additional Value-Added Services

You can take further advantage of AstralTech’s expertise and engineered best practices with AstralTech Managed Services additional high-value services. As a complement to the core services, AstralTech Managed Services offers help desk services, advanced testing services, implementation and transformational services to help you get more value over the entire software ownership lifecycle.

Choose the Best Services for Your Business

AstralTech’s Hyperion Managed Services lets you choose which services you need to get the most out of your Oracle software. For a predictable per-user, per-month fee, AstralTech’s Hyperion Managed Services can be tailored specifically for your business. AstralTech’s Hyperion Managed Services range from assessments to planning to continuous improvement of any or all of the core service areas.

Unlock the Value of Your Software

AstralTech’s Hyperion Managed Services helps you leverage AstralTech’s years of experience so you can better focus and direct our resources. AstralTech Managed Services follows best practices to ensure that Oracle Hyperion Application customers accelerate business results, lower costs, and reduce risks.

These best practices include:

  • Proactive problem resolution and maintenance.
  • Reusable processes and technologies.
  • Seamless access to product, support, and software management expertise.
  • Validated solutions.
  • Engineered upgrade processes.
  • Certified and audited processes.
  • Availability over different time zones.